About Me MyColon and I

Me is a happy me.  Me is creative and athletic.

One christmas, Me made a model St. Louis Arch out of marshmallows and toothpicks.

One Thursday, Me kept  the green team from scoring by making a diving save to the far post.

Me dreams of one day running a go kart business.  Go-Karts will be me’s midlife crisis. 

That’s Me.

MyColon is a grumpy colon. It has a severe patience deficiency.

One day my gastroenterologist named it’s grumpiness “ulcerative colitis.” I named it Annoying.

MyColon went to the toilet five minutes ago… and again in 23 minutes.

That’s MyColon.

I am a fun I. I am industrious and curious.

I went to college to study engineering, which ended in I getting a structural engineering job.

I took apart a do-hickie I found on the ground to make an electromagnet. it didn’t work.

I made a gun holster with a trashcan, a leather bag, a book bag, and some kydex.

That’s I.


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