My coworker walked in on me…

Heres the bad news: We can’t listen to Pandora at work.

Here’s the good news: We can watch youtube playlists.

Here’s the Worst news: Youtube thinks since I like Adele, I will like Justin Bieber.


So I’m rocking out to Adele, right? I mean, Hello? She’s the best. I’m absorbed in my work and after a few minutes I realize this isn’t adele I’m still listening to. It’s more girly and juvenile than that.

Right as I click over to my chrome tab to see what Youtube choose to play next, my co-worker walks up to my cube! Just in time to see little justin’s face on the video I’m watching…at my desk…at work. Sigh.

I know he’s never going to let me forget about the time he walked in on me playing JB. But I know how to handle these situations. Steer into the skid.

It’s time to play some Rebecca Black “Friday” on repeat!

Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “My coworker walked in on me…

      1. Aha, that makes sense. I’ll see if I can find it on the web. My own music collection? I certainly do and it is wide and varied. However, there isn’t any JB, anywhere but there is some Boyzone. Ssshhhh don’t tell anyone.


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