Bunch a’ Fatties

I heard on the radio that most americans gain 6-10 pounds between thanksgiving and new years. Which sounds like a lot till you realize the average american gains 10-15 pounds every month of their whole life. So, really we slow down a bit this holiday season. Which makes sense cause we are Stuffed!

My company holds a weight challenge around this time each year. Instead of losing weight, participants have to maintian their weight between thanksgiving and new years. Or they have to be really good at losing water weight come weigh in time…not that I would ever do that just to earn ten bucks.

(I didn’t drink liquids for a day and a half last year to make weight. It was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done for ten dollars)

The way I see it, losing weight is what the new year is all about… so it’s ok to put on a few now, right?

An American squirrel…trying desperately to meet the social pressure put on him by the liberal news radio show I listened to. Tragically, many squirrels die each year trying to put on 6-10 pounds so they can “fit in.” True story.




5 thoughts on “Bunch a’ Fatties

      1. Hmm. Sure. Quite a bit is relative though… $250 is a small car repair…but on the other hand, it is like 30 chipotle burritos. I think I’d sell out for much less… somewhere between the price of a burrito and a burrito with chips and guac. Mmm. Now im hungry.

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