Hold it!

Dear Interwebs Strangers:

Yesterday I checked the integrity of concrete sludge storage tanks as part of my job. (I’m a structural engineer) (Yes, Sludge means what you think). I awarded the concrete tanks 10 integrities, in case you were wondering.11.20.15

We (my 2 coworkers and I) left at 7am, for our 2 hour drive to the jobsite. No big deal, right? Wrong. My colon doesn’t like confined spaces such as tight pants, medium-sized cars, or even larger sized boats. Like a baby knows when mom is away, my colon knows when there is no bathroom nearby. And he is not afraid of throwing a temper tantrum.

I’ve taken this trip about 5 times now for different sludge storage tanks, (humans produce a Lot of sludge… some more than others…*Blush*) and this is the first time I’ve asked to stop for a bathroom break on the way.

I wasn’t sure if it would be better to say “I gots to go to the bathroom, fellas… I’ve got ulcerative colitis.”  Or just, “If you don’t stop this car now, Imma crap my pants.”  I went for some variation of the latter.

My question to you, reader, is do you think I should have told them about my condition, or just let them wonder as to why I’m so fond of bathrooms?

What would you do? What do you do? (Lol. do do).


6 thoughts on “Hold it!

  1. Never let them see you sweat! Map out where the pit stops are, act like you’re hungry and use the bathroom there, suggest you pick up lunch for everyone (that’s the price you gotta pay. 🙂 )and use the bathroom at there, then ask for a pit stop and tell them it’s to use the bathroom. See? Genius. 😎

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