“I’m Da best”

A question my friends never ask me, but I wish they would is this: “In these days of financial uncertainty ¹, what is a sound investment?”
Well, thank you for asking, hypothetical friend.
Here is a bit of wisdom I learned in an investment seminar²:

“You will always get a good return on your investment when you invest in yourself.”

ave person
It’s on the internet, so you know it must be true. Check it out.

Which, of course, is true if you are someone like bill gates or elon musk. However, a fundamental truth about nearly everyone I’ve ever known is that the average person thinks they are better than the average person.

This has always been the case, but is now painfully evident with the internet. Now any number of idiots can write about anything they want… say, their ailing colon… and expect people to listen and read their musings.

So, in short… you’re probably not that great, but keep trying cause that’s how you improve. (I’m thinking of writing here…if you suck at other things, like juggling knives…maybe it’s best to not keep trying while you still have a few limbs left)

I recently read a great blog post about what is valuable when using social media. Check it out here.


¹ I’ll be honest, I have no idea if the markets are financially unstable. But, I did see a scary click-bait add on Weather.com about a guaranteed market collapse within 5 months. (It turned out to just be an add…but still, you never know)

² by “investment seminar,” I mean “overheard at chipotle.”  But hey, at least it wasn’t Qdoba, AMIRITE!


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